People nowadays spend more time on their mobiles than watching TV! Become smart and use the power of this impactful marketing channel.

You can get it all here

Think Mobile first.

We are a group of highly experienced people who know how
to help you run efficient business in digital & mobile world.

What is your need?

  • Design & execute mobile/digital communication strategy?
  • Run impactful brand or sales campaigns on the strongest mobile/online media platforms?
  • Deliver relevant & great mobile creatives?

What we do

Digital/Mobile strategy

Digital & Mobile are the most efficient marketing channels. People nowadays spend daily time more on their mobiles then on watching TV. After having seen an Ad on the mobile screen they search online for more information and shop online. Therefore, smartest advertisers spend now over 70% of their budgets on Facebook & Google, in order to find their customers exactly where they are. Stay clever and use the power of mobile marketing. We can help you design & execute robust digital/mobile strategy based on your key objectives: from brand awareness, through sales impact to great customer experience & care.

Impactful brand and sales campaigns

Whatever is your business objective: raise your business and brand awareness? generate your Website or shops traffic? generate & convert leads into customers? up-sell or cross-sell your existing customers? other? We have a great experience in executing & optimizing campaigns, especially on Facebook & Google, in order to increase your ROI and bring you more business from your marketing investment.

Creatives designed for mobile & digital

‘Same, same but different' - that’s the fact about marketing and creatives designed for mobile. You have less time and different ways to capture your customers’ attention on the mobile screen to make an impact. And only few people know how to do it properly... We are exactly those people who know how to use the best performing formats & stories to make an impact on your business: attract, get attention of your customers and finally, generate sales impact. From static formats to videos - designed just for mobile. We make marketers ́ lives easier and their campaigns more efficient.

Who we are

Agnieszka General manager & owner

Senior executive with over 17 years of experience in marketing & sales with strong Digital/Mobile expertise gained in the international environment. Result-oriented achiever with proven track record for identifying opportunities for accelerated business growth, revenue maximisation and cost optimisation. Recently Facebook Client Partner in CEE region working mostly with telco, e-comm, finance & retail clients. Travelling around the world for inspiration and always looking for great creative solutions.

Tamara Partner

Expert with international experience, executive manager, leader of strategic business projects, start up developer. Tamara has over 17 years of experience in building & executing business strategies with focus on digitalization and building seamless customer experiences. She’s successfully turned over 40 projects in different verticals. She’s partnered consulting companies like E&Y & Accenture. Outside-of-the-box thinker.

Anna Digital Consultant and Partner

Senior manager with over 10 years of international experience in digital business. One of the first Google employees in Poland, worked for international agencies in Germany and big players like Nokia/Microsoft and TUI. Recently at Facebook Western Europe. Bringing experience and energy to support innovation, business and marketing at SMEs and Startups.